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Bamboo Blind
Bamboo Blind
Bamboo Blind
Bamboo Blind
Bamboo Blind
Bamboo Blind
Bamboo Blind
Bamboo Blind
Bamboo Blind
Bamboo Blind


Bamboo Blind

Discover our exquisite selection of bamboo blinds, meticulously handcrafted in Malaysia using locally sourced materials. Made from all-natural bamboo and thoughtfully designed with resilient nylon ropes, our blinds exude timeless elegance while offering exceptional durability. We take pride in our ability to provide these superior quality blinds at highly competitive prices. As we expand our distribution network, we are actively seeking partnerships with esteemed wholesalers and retailers, including blind and curtain companies in Malaysia, who share our commitment to delivering outstanding products to customers. Join us in promoting sustainable and stylish window coverings that bring the beauty of nature into homes and businesses across the country.

Bidai Buluh / Bamboo Blind [TAHAN PANAS DAN HUJAN]

- Ia adalah pilihan yang ideal untuk tema tropika dan desa untuk rumah anda.
- Jenis tirai yang ideal untuk digunakan di balkoni, teres, gazebos, backyards, dan lain-lain, kerana ia dapat menahan semua jenis cuaca dan habuk serta kotoran.
- Ia mempunyai banyak kelebihan lain seperti pengurangan silauan, mengurangkan penggunaan tenaga dan menyediakan privasi siang hari sambil membolehkan anda menikmati pemandangan anda.

- Outdoor pull system blinds function is a simplistic way as roller blinds with one exception: outdoor blinds are made to withstand tropical weather such as wind and rain. 
- We use only the highest quality bamboo and wood that are weatherproofed. Made from durable bamboo and wooden material manufactured in Malaysia with anti-mildew and fungi attributes, giving low chance to bacteria. Plus, our-outdoor pull system blinds are installed with nylon wires or heavy-duty outdoor pull system. These feature makes the blinds stay in place, rain or shine. 

Sizes Available:
3' x 6'
4' x 6'
5' x 6'
6' x 6'
7' x 6'
8' x 6'

3' x 7'
4' x 7'
5' x 7'
6' x 7'
7' x 7'
8' x 7'

3' x 8'
4' x 8'
5' x 8'
6' x 8'
7' x 8'
8' x 8'


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